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Fat Straws Dallas: 5301 Alpha Road #38 Dallas (972) 702-8181
Fat Straws Plano: 6509 W. Park. Blvd. #425 Plano (972) 403-7403

What is Fat Straws?

If you like your tapioca pearls perfectly chewy, not sticky, and you want a variety of teas to choose from, Fat Straws is the place.

In its simplest form, ultra tratrendy bubble tea is a mixture of Chinese black tea, creamer, and sugar served over giant black tapioca balls. "Bubbles" do not refer to carbonation but to both the foam on top and the chewy prizes resting at the bottom of the drink.

Hmm...how do you get the chewy pearls from the bottom? Of course, with your Fat Straws. The chewy round tapioca bubbles are sucked up, with a little effort, through a Fat Straw. Picking your own colored Fat Straw is half of the fun here at Fat Straws!

"Bubble Tea" has evolved to various Bubble Beverages at Fat Straws. We carry delicious bubble beverages in yummy flavors and cool colors, too.

Our teas are hand blended and custom crafted using the world's finest organic teas and botanicals. Our teas are carefully selected directly from growers, each one offering a unique story.

Craving for something really special? Try our signature beverage, Green Tea Milk Shake made with Japanese Green Tea and Green Tea Ice Cream.

About Fat Straws

Fat Straws was founded in 2002 in Dallas, Texas and is privately owned and operated. Fat Straws offers bubble tea, milk, and fruit beverages featuring the ‘sip and chew’ novelty of tapioca pearls to North Dallas area consumers.